Dear eternals,

KVK Expectations

Deads must be T4 or T5 troops. Please don't try and game the system with Tier 1 troops. We are able to see this in the stats and will take corrective action as needed.
KVK Scores are calculated starting at the first pass open and consist of Deads Taken (8pts each) + Kills (T4 1pt T5 2pt) = KVK Score.
Stats will be run throughout KVK and posted to the Kingdom website so you can track your progress.
Power Range Dead Req KVK Score Req
20,000,000-29,999,999 650,000 11,000,000
30,000,000-49,999,999750,000 16,000,000
+50,000,000 1,000,000 40,000,000
Score = T4 Kills + T5 Kills + Dead T4 Kill = 1 pt, T5 Kill = 2pt, 1 Dead = 8pt
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